V1C Care Transitions Toolkit

V1C is likely the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes to redefine healthcare and improve lives – however, this opportunity will be wasted if it remains in its own silo.

Our resources show you what effective V1C care transitions look like and how to successfully integrate them into our current healthcare system. By weaving V1C into established and new venues of care, you can enhance care coordination and user experience across the board, and also drive improvements in access, equity, effectiveness, and efficiency.

IMPACT’s toolkit offers a robust set of resources that V1C providers, health systems, and healthcare payors and purchasers can use to implement effective V1C care transitions, today.

Initiation & Onboarding

Support the initiation and of new patients into V1C.

Longitudinal Co-Management

Manage care transitions that support patient co-management of care delivered by V1C and brick-and-mortar providers.

Downstream Referrals

Manage transitions that support downstream referrals between V1C and brick-and-mortar providers.

Case Studies

Read how other leaders in the field are successfully integrating V1C care transitions and helping to transform our existing healthcare system.

V1C Care Transitions in Action

For many, the care journey is complex and scary. People are often dealing with more than one condition or illness, being treated by several doctors, and trying to figure out the best path forward – all amid an inefficient, broken healthcare system.

The time to change this is now. We must thoughtfully implement elements of V1C at every step and every transition in the care journey. Let’s fix what’s broken and make patient-centered, team-based care a reality.

IMPACT Virtual First Care (V1C): Care Transitions Toolkit

IMPACT members work together to advance the most pressing opportunities for V1C.
Care transitions between V1C providers and other practitioners and sites of care (both virtual and bricks and mortar) present an opportunity to optimize access, patient and provider experience, efficiency, and clinical outcomes.

This 90-min webinar covers the overarching vision of IMPACT, introduces experts from the IMPACT Steering Committee guiding its direction, and reviews a new suite of resources and best practices to optimize care transitions across the care continuum that will facilitate full integration of V1C into the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

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