IMPACT members are working to enable expanded access to high quality, evidence-based virtual first care for patients, healthcare providers, and payers to improve clinical and health economic outcomes, enhance access, and provide a better overall patient experience. IMPACT projects are identified by participating members and result in resources that are action oriented and fit-for-purpose.

IMPACT Portfolio

Virtual first care (V1C) is healthcare. Review the V1C definition, component parts of virtual-first offerings, and a library of vignettes demonstrating virtual first care in action.

A guide to model contracting language and considerations for key contract sections, as well as a payment models guide and coding library that highlights V1C-reimbursables codes.

Active projects launching soon

Develop best practices around
transitions of care

Sprint team is actively shaping a project focused on user experience and data transitions between V1C and other components or venues of care. Please check back for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.

Develop frameworks of success for quality, outcomes, and value assessment for virtual-first care

Sprint team is actively pursuing this project. Please check back for updates, or subscribe to our newsletter.

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V1C is having its moment

IMPACT defines virtual first care (V1C)

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