Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit

To establish V1C as standard of care that is accessible at scale, third-party payer deals and reimbursement for these solutions is critical. However, existing payer processes have not been able to keep pace with the rapid V1C innovations, and V1C solutions do not fit into the traditional contracting structures.

IMPACT’s Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit consists of action-oriented resources to support alignment between virtual first care’s novel approach and payers systems and processes. The goal of the Toolkit is to facilitate contracting and ultimately drive more effective adoption of V1C.

The Guide to Payer-V1C Contracting is the primary resource for innovators, leaders, and decision makers in V1C companies, and payers who are considering including V1C solutions in their offering to effectively structure their agreements.

Two additional resources accompany The Toolkit: Guide to V1C Payment Models and V1C Coding Library

Public Meeting: IMPACT Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit

Join us as IMPACT launches the Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit – a suite of action-oriented resources, such as the Guide to Payer-V1C Model Contracting, Guide to V1C payment models and V1C Coding Library. The toolkit will support alignment between payer’s systems and processes around new modalities of care to facilitate contracting and ultimately drive more effective adoption of V1C.

The meeting features expert remarks by Saurabha Bhatnagar, Chief Health Officer, Commure and former Chief Medical Officer, Head of Digital & Technology, UnitedHealthcare. Donald Jones, Co-Founder of IMPACT will also provide an expert V1C solution perspective based on his renowned digital health expertise and extensive advisory work in the field.

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Boston, Massachusetts 02114