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Welcome to IMPACT’s Virtual Care V1C Directory!

You’ll find information on key players across the ecosystem who are committed to a virtual-first approach to healthcare — one that will allow us to provide care for people centered on their needs rather than the needs of the healthcare system.

Browse to learn more about these leaders, what they are working on, and how they are advancing the promise of V1C. Then, learn more about V1C and what you can do to advance this promising approach in today’s healthcare.

Note: this table was last updated January 23, 2023. Information was gathered from public sources and through submissions from organizations. This directory is meant to be a helpful resource to support education, benchmarking and market analysis in this rapidly growing movement in healthcare.  Please email with questions or concerns.
Accessing and contributing to the directory
IMPACT’s Virtual First Care Directory is a crowdsourced, living resource. It is intended to be both a reference resource for our community and a transparent library the community helps build and maintain.
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Learn about new benchmarking data on the V1C ecosystem

The State of the Virtual Care Industry: Results from a New Benchmark Survey from Omada Health, DiMe & Rock Health

Thought leaders representing virtual first care, medical providers, employers and healthcare investors will reflect on implications of the survey results and together share insights for strategies and actions that will enable full potential of virtual first care.

New Benchmark Survey from Omada Health, DiMe & Rock Health

Omada Health and DiMe’s “State of Virtual Care” report reveals insights from a benchmark survey of nearly 800 employers, payers, and benefit consultants. Findings uncover both a strong belief in virtual care, as well as the need for a clearer roadmap for advancing this promising care approach.

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