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The virtual first care community has developed solutions that increase access to affordable primary and specialty care and address limitations that historically created barriers to healthcare delivery. The sustainability of these innovative models is critical to expanding affordable access to quality care.
To address this, IMPACT created the Payment & Coding Toolkit to dispel that myth by showing providers, investors, payers, policymakers, and other stakeholders: “You can get paid for offering V1C services!”

Hear insights from Dr. Zeke Silva, Lucia Savage, Dr. Ryan Vega, Don Jones, and Abby Sugg and an inspiring discussion on how you can use these new tools to identify applicable coding strategies regardless of your clinical focus easily.’

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The potential benefits of a remodeled delivery system based on virtual first care (V1C) are tremendous – in terms of patient access and experience, workforce efficiency, and improved health and economic outcomes. At the same time, in the post-pandemic era, solutions of varying quality and reliability are flooding the market. Without consistent evaluation criteria to guide builders and buyers towards high-quality V1C, the trust of this movement is at stake.
The ‘IMPACT’ initiative, co-created by DiMe and ATA, aims to go beyond conventional telemedicine efforts that are layered on top of existing healthcare organizations, and to instead develop solutions that its organizers call “virtual-first.” Virtual first medical care combines digital medicine, communications technology, and clinical expertise for patient-centered healthcare. IMPACT is a pre-competitive collaboration of leading digital health companies, investors, payers, and consultants dedicated to supporting virtual-first medical organizations and their commitment to patient-centric care.
Thought leaders representing virtual first care, medical providers, employers and healthcare investors will reflect on implications of the survey results and together share insights for strategies and actions that will enable full potential of virtual first care.

Join us as IMPACT launches the Payer-V1C Contracting Toolkit – a suite of action-oriented resources, such as the Guide to Payer-V1C Model Contracting, Guide to V1C payment models and V1C Coding Library. The toolkit will support alignment between payer’s systems and processes around new modalities of care to facilitate contracting and ultimately drive more effective adoption of V1C.

The meeting features expert remarks by Saurabha Bhatnagar, Chief Health Officer, Commure and former Chief Medical Officer, Head of Digital & Technology, UnitedHealthcare. Donald Jones, Co-Founder of IMPACT will also provide an expert V1C solution perspective based on his renowned digital health expertise and extensive advisory work in the field.

IMPACT members work together to advance the most pressing opportunities for V1C.
Care transitions between V1C providers and other practitioners and sites of care (both virtual and bricks and mortar) present an opportunity to optimize access, patient and provider experience, efficiency, and clinical outcomes.

This 90-min webinar covers the overarching vision of IMPACT, introduces experts from the IMPACT Steering Committee guiding its direction, and reviews a new suite of resources and best practices to optimize care transitions across the care continuum that will facilitate full integration of V1C into the healthcare delivery ecosystem.